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We all know there’s nothing worse than having a recording that would be perfect if it wasn’t for the awful acoustics. If only there was a way to have beautiful sounding recordings, without having to sound proof the entire house! Well, there is. There are many ways to make room acoustics greater when recording at home, that will suit every budget. You don’t have to go out of your way spending unnecessary money on recording studios worth thousands of pounds. By the end of this article, you will know how to achieve professional studio quality sound without the professional studio price tag.

It is a well-known fact that sound reflects off objects. There are various reflection points around the room, and if fibreglass panels are placed at these points, then most of the sound that would usually bounce off objects will be absorbed by the fibreglass panels, meaning that it won’t be reflected back out into the room where it will be picked up by the microphone and other wise destroy a perfectly good recording. If fibreglass panels aren’t available to you, then another technique some people use is sticking empty egg boxes onto their walls. Although it might sound crazy, the egg boxes do make some improvement to a room’s acoustics by breaking up the sound on contact. It isn’t as hard as you might think to find the reflection points around a room. All you need is a mirror. When you have your mirror, put the mic into the place where you will be standing and slide the mirror around the walls and when the microphone is reflected in the mirror; that is a reflection point.

To reduce the amount of sound leaving a room and Melamine Foam disturbing your family or neighbours etc, it is always a good idea to place large soft objects around the room to “muffle” the sound, for example a mattress or two, sheets of foam, mattress toppers, quilts and other absorbing objects. These should help absorb some of the sound and muffle the sound that would usually leave the room.

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Possibly the next best thing to a full recording studio is a product already used by thousands of recording artists world wide, the Editors Keys Portable Vocal Booth Series is an acoustic shield which surrounds the microphone and head of the vocalist. It works by not only preventing exterior sound going into the microphone, but also prevent any vocals bouncing off the walls back into the mic. The vocal booths are not only cost effective but are extremely easy to put up and they take up very little space.