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We don’t often think that slots could have an impact on our health,Guest Posting slots are looked at as a simple game that we enjoy in our spare time. Casino sites and the slot developers never include warnings about the potential impact on our health – play slots pay with phone bill.

Most players would doubt that there is really an impact but studies have shown that playing slots can have several different effects on our health. The good news is that not all of these effects are bad and most of them are preventable. Below are just a few of the ways that mobile slots can impact our health.

Positive effects on brain

Starting on a positive note, there have been studies which have shown that playing mobile slots have actually led to a positive effect on the brain. Scientists have argued that spinning the mobile reels can actually be very beneficial for your cognitive ability and development, with the games actually helping our brains to find and create brand new neural pathways. Of course you should be realistic with this news, just because slots have a positive effect doesn’t mean you should over do it and then expect to become some sort of super genius.

Negative effect on eyesight

A more negative impact that prolonged slot playing can have is that they can damage your eyesight. Spending any prolonged amount of time can be strenuous on the eyes but slot games in particular are not healthy. Studies have shown that playing slots on a smaller mobile screen for prolonged periods can increase your chances of damaging your eyesight. You can avoid this by taking frequent breaks, playing in a well lit environment and even turning down the brightness on your screen!

Can lead to addiction

A potential impact on your health is the fact that slots can lead to players Mediabola78 falling into addiction. Whilst for most of us we won’t have to worry about getting addicted, unfortunately there are still many people who suffer from addiction and the truth is that playing slots can be a very addictive pastime. Not only are they incredibly accessible but it is all too easy to gamble while playing. If you believe that you are getting addicted to slots then it is recommended that you give up playing and seek help,

Playing more often leads to insomnia

With their bright and vivid colours, playing slots before or whilst in bed can be a bad idea. Due to their immersive nature, playing a slot before bed can lead to insomnia in people. This is because it interrupts the necessary brain pattern we have to follow before going to sleep. Although insomnia is quite an extreme reaction to playing slots before bed, it is certainly not unheard of and it is something that players should be aware of.

In Summary

Playing slots can have several effects on your health, both positive and negative. Whilst prolonged playing could lead to addiction, insomnia and even lead to eye damage, slots can also improve a players cognitive functions.